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    About us

    In 1986, the medical center “Horizon” began its work on the basis of the medical unit of the plant “Horizon” to serve the employees of the company. Today, not only employees of the holding can receive medical care at the center, but also Minsk residents and guests of the capital.

    Our specialists:

    Doctors of the first and highest qualification category with extensive experience of inpatient and consultative work receive patients in the medical center “Horizon”. You can be confident in the individuality of the approach and the use of only modern methods of diagnostics and treatment.

    The specialists of the center work in the following directions:

    • Therapy (you can call a doctor at home);
    • Cardiology;
    • Endocrinology (including pediatric endocrinologist);
    • Neurology (it is possible to call the doctor at home);
    • Surgery (including pediatric surgeon);
    • Phlebology (sclerotherapy of varicose veins);
    • Laser surgery (removal of papillomas, warts, nevi, ingrown nail, etc.)
    • Otorhinolaryngology;
    • Ophthalmology (examination of the fundus with a fundus lens);
    • Urology;
    • Gynecology (including gynecologist-endocrinologist);
    • Ultrasound for adults and children;
    • ECG, holter;
    • X-ray diagnostics with a description of the images;
    • Flu vaccination;
    • Vaccination against human papillomavirus;
    • Physiotherapy;
    • Massage;
    • Treatment in a day hospital.

    In addition, we have available services such as:

    • all-inclusive examination programs with a 10% discount on services included in the program;
    • medical commission for drivers;
    • annual service program "My attending physician";
    • season ticket for all-inclusive programs and massage;
    • periodic and preliminary medical examinations;
    • pre-trip and pre-shift medical examinations;
    • certificate to the pool, certificate for the enrollee, a statement of good health for participation in physical and recreational activities;
    • corporate medical service.

    You can also undergo testing and laboratory diagnostics in the following directions:

    • General blood and urine tests;
    • Biochemical blood test;
    • Hormones (sex, thyroid, pituitary, etc.);
    • Immunological studies;
    • STD (all types of pathogens);
    • Diagnostics of HIV, syphilis;
    • Oncomarkers;
    • Immunohematology;
    • Coagulogram;
    • Markers of autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis;
    • TORCH-infections;
    • The flora culture with antibiogram;
    • Femoflor for women and others.


    • Therapeutic dentistry (professional oral hygiene, aesthetic restoration of teeth, office and home teeth whitening, caries treatment, canal filling, splinting of teeth, preparation for prosthetics, etc.);
    • Surgical dentistry (tooth extraction, treatment of the salivary glands diseases, treatment of the mandibular joint diseases, removal of a cyst, removal of the tooth root, etc.);
    • Prosthetic dentistry (production and installation of metal-ceramic prosthesis and prosthetic bridges, non-metal crowns based on zirconium, prosthetics on implants, all types of prosthetics with volumetric prostheses, etc.);
    • Tooth implantation;
    • Roentgenography of teeth.

    Our advantages:

    • Qualified doctors and nurses of the first and highest category.
    • Diversity of directions: reception of the therapist, almost all narrow specialists; dentistry; all laboratory tests, ECG, X-ray, physiotherapy, massage, etc.;
    • Analyses and ECG at home, including complete blood count from a finger (for adults and children of any age), from a vein (for adults and children from 12 years of age);
    • Call a doctor at home: a therapist, a neurologist;
    • Reasonable prices and convenient location;
    • All experts and studies are located at the same address;
    • Bookings on-line;
    • Providing medical care in 2 shifts and on Saturdays;
    • Confidentiality of the received information;
    • Issuance of disability certificates (only if there are medical indications).

    Medical Center “Horizon”: health expands opportunities!

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Otolaryngologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Therapist, Urologist, Physiotherapist, Phlebologist, Surgeon, Endocrinologist
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